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Monthly Archives: January 2021


Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Cases

By Kelley, Fulton & Kaplan |

Bankruptcy and personal injury don’t often intersect, but when they do, there can be big problems. If you are filing a personal injury case, you should understand how a bankruptcy can affect you–whether you are the one filing or the person or business you are suing is the one filing.  When The Person or… Read More »

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What Can I Expect in My Bankruptcy Consultation?

By Kelley, Fulton & Kaplan |

So you’re ready to file bankruptcy, and you’ve set up your first bankruptcy consultation. You may be a bit nervous, and scared. One question that may be on your mind is what to expect in your bankruptcy consultation. What will be asked of you, and what should you bring? Relax  The first thing to… Read More »

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When is the Best Time to File for Bankruptcy?

By Kelley, Fulton & Kaplan |

In many cases, you know you need a bankruptcy. Maybe you are being sued for credit card debt, or something else is going on that requires you get immediate relief. But other times, you have a choice when to file, and although you need financial relief quickly, there is no emergency that requires that… Read More »

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