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West Palm Beach Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

For businesses, corporations and partnerships that are deep in debt, filing for bankruptcy is sometimes the only option. In this case, most organizations usually file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Florida, as it allows you to reorganize your debts and buy some time to keep your company running instead of having to close your doors due to the debts. Still, Chapter 11 can also be used by individuals in certain cases, mainly if you have excessive debts but your assets or income are too high to allow you to qualify under Chapter 7 or 13.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is much more flexible and allows for more options than the other types and can be a huge relief as it allows both businesses and individuals to hold on to their assets during the process. This is also possible during Chapter 13, and in fact, there are quite a few similarities between the two, with the main difference being that individuals who don’t qualify under Chapter 13 can still restructure their debts and retain their assets and property under Chapter 11. There are strict limits placed on the amount of debt you can have as well as your level of income and the value of your assets for Chapter 13, but these don’t exist in Chapter 11, so it may be your only option if you don’t meet those requirements.

At Kelley Kaplan & Eller our dedicated West Palm Beach Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys can help you determine which type of bankruptcy is right for your business and take care of all of the hard work involved with filing, ensuring your case is successful and that you get the help you need to finally get out of debt and stop being continually harassed by collection agencies.

Filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

While Chapter 11 bankruptcy comes with a huge number of benefits and can be a great way to finally find a way to repay your debts, filing for it is a long, complicated process. Therefore, you need the help of a high quality lawyer experienced in bankruptcy cases to ensure your filing is done correctly and your case is successful. We will work with you to thoroughly analyze your situation and determine the best course of action, allowing you to hold on to your assets or keep your business open even during this difficult time.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be a huge help to both individuals and companies, as it allows you to not only restructure your debts so that you can begin paying them back over time, but also to not have to be forced to liquidate your assets as you would under Chapter 7. Although your debts won’t be entirely discharged, you will still be able to reorganize your finances in a way that ensures you don’t have to suffer too much to get the debt relief you need.

Experienced West Palm Beach Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorneys

At the Law Office of Kelley Kaplan & Eller, our West Palm Beach chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys have over 25 years of experience helping individuals and corporations find the right solution to their financial problems, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to get the help you need to get back on your feet and rid of your debts.

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