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Stop the Stress, How Bankruptcy Can Help You


There are a lot of misconceptions about bankruptcy—one of the biggest being that bankruptcy doesn’t help. Instead of being a positive financial move, consumers look at bankruptcy as a sign of failure and something that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. The truth, however, is bankruptcy can help you in many ways.

Bankruptcy Helps with Medical Bills

Medical bills are one of the leading causes for consumer debt. From consumers being inadequately insured to hospitals and physicians charging outrageous fees, it is no wonder a person finds him or herself paying thousands of dollars in medical debt. Sometimes those medical bills are not even your own—perhaps they are from a deceased family member. Bankruptcy can help erase those excessive medical debts, stop the harassment from medical bill collectors, and give you a fresh start.

Stop Collector Harassment

Collection companies are known for harassing consumers. Some will even break consumer protection laws and violate your rights just to get pennies on the dollar. Collection scams are even worse, threatening consumers to pay only for the consumer to find out later the company they paid didn’t have the debt. Bankruptcy offers you a stay of execution, meaning creditors are not allowed to demand, contact you or even file a lawsuit while you’re filing for bankruptcy. And, if they violate that stay, they could face serious fines themselves.

Protects Your Paychecks

Wage garnishments and liens are detrimental to your well-being. They can prevent you from taking care of your family or even thriving. Bankruptcy can stop these painful wage garnishments and prevent them in the future, allowing you to retain your paychecks so you can retain your lifestyle.

Preserve Utility Services

If you lost your utilities or the service provider is threatening to turn them off, bankruptcy can help. Depending on the season, utilities shut-offs can also be detrimental to the well-being of yourself and loved ones. Your bankruptcy attorney will be able to keep your utilities on and prevent any shut-offs, regardless of how far behind you are.

Stop Stressing, Get Help with Your Debts Now

Don’t let your debts get the best of you. With a skilled Palm Beach Gardens bankruptcy attorney you can get rid of the harassment, get back on track, and get the fresh start you need to provide for yourself and loved ones. Contact the Law Office of Kelley Kaplan & Eller today at 561-264-6850 for a no obligation consultation.

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