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How to best combat phantom debt collectors


There is an increasing number of innocent Americans that fall victim to phantom debt scammers every year. This issue ranks as the number two financial scam in the United States (behind identity theft), yet spotting someone attempting to collect on nonexistent debts can be extremely difficult. It is vital that you understand the telltale signs of phantom debt collectors, as well as the proper ways to combat them, should you become a target of their immoral practice.

Signs of a phantom debt collector

A person attempting to collect a phantom debt from you may offer a few hints as to what they are up to, and noticing these signs can help you prevent being taken advantage of. First off, a scammer will never give you his contact information, even if you inquire about it. He may also attempt to appeal to your emotional side, and stress that by paying back the debt the calls will stop. Additionally, a collector may also threaten consequences to your family if the debt is not paid. If any threats are made or harassment language is used, the caller is usually a fraud, since legitimate debt collectors are forbidden from acting in such a manner.

Actions to best combat a phantom debt scammer

In order to best protect yourself from these unethical bullies, you must first and foremost refrain from giving them any kind of information. During the call, it is also recommended that you accentuate the fact that you will under no circumstances discuss the debt in question until you receive an official written validation notice. Afterwards, if you think the person you have spoken with is a phantom debt collector, you should contact your individual loan collector and/or the Federal Trade Commission directly and ask about the specific debt.

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