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Risks of Handling a Bankruptcy Case Without a Lawyer


When you are struggling with seemingly insurmountable debt and are considering a bankruptcy filing, either personal bankruptcy or business bankruptcy, you might be thinking that it is possible to handle the bankruptcy case on your own without assistance from an attorney. While certain parts of any bankruptcy case might be relatively straightforward, bankruptcies in general are complex, and U.S. bankruptcy law can be extremely difficult to understand. Indeed, there are various intricacies in both consumer and business bankruptcy cases, and a wide range of requirements that are also often based on timing. As such, hiring an experienced West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyer to work with you on your case is incredibly important.

What are the risks of trying to handle your case alone, or waiting too long to hire a lawyer to help you? Consider some of the following information about the risks of handling a bankruptcy case without a lawyer.

Missing Filing Requirements and Other Important Document Requirements 

When you file a petition for bankruptcy, not only are you filing the petition for bankruptcy, but you are also providing other documents that the bankruptcy court will need for your case to move forward. If you try to handle your bankruptcy case on your own, you could miss specific requirements that are necessary for your case.

Missing Timing Requirements and Deadlines 

Bankruptcy cases have very specific requirements and deadlines, and missing any of them could result in major problems in your bankruptcy case. When you work with a lawyer who has been handling bankruptcy cases for years, you can trust your lawyer to make sure you meet any deadlines for courses, filings, meetings, and anything else relevant to your case.

Missing bankruptcy Exemptions 

You might fail to realize that you are eligible for specific bankruptcy exemptions under the Florida Statutes if you attempt to handle your bankruptcy case without a lawyer. Exemptions, especially in Chapter 7 cases for individuals, are critical for allowing debtors to retain assets while other non-exempt assets are liquidated.

Making Critical Mistakes 

You could run the risk of making a critical mistake if you try to go through your bankruptcy case without an attorney. There are a wide range of moments in the bankruptcy process where you could make critical errors, from filling out or providing documentation, drafting a repayment plan for a reorganization bankruptcy, properly noting assets and debts, and more. Errors can sometimes result in a debtor failing to receive a discharge or to be eligible to continue with a bankruptcy case, and in some circumstances, allegations of bankruptcy fraud might even arise.

Contact Our West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Attorneys Today 

Are you thinking about filing for bankruptcy? Before you take any additional steps, you should get in touch with an experienced West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyer at Kelley, Kaplan & Eller who can assist you. We can talk with you today about your specific financial circumstances or the financial circumstances of your business, and we can help you to determine the best type of personal or business bankruptcy based on your situation and needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to our firm to learn more about how we can help you or your company.



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