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Inquiring About Bankruptcy


Struggling with debt can be anxiety-inducing and may feel endless, whether you are an individual or a business having difficulty repaying debt you have incurred. For individuals and business owners alike, debt problems and financial difficulties often lead to bankruptcy considerations and wondering whether or not it is time to begin inquiring about a bankruptcy filing. According to a recent report from Yahoo! Finance, although recent data suggests that overall financial stress has declined among consumers more broadly, many consumers are struggling with debt and wondering if they should start inquiring about a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Likewise, businesses that cannot afford payments to commercial creditors could be approaching bankruptcy.

When should you or your business begin inquiring about bankruptcy options? And is there any risk in talking with a bankruptcy lawyer if you are not planning to file immediately, or if you are currently unsure about whether or not you should file for bankruptcy? Our West Palm Beach bankruptcy attorneys want to emphasize that it is never too early to simply discuss bankruptcy options with a lawyer, and this type of discussion is usually the best way to determine whether bankruptcy is actually the best option for you at this point. We can explain in more detail, and we are here to speak with you today if you have questions about your particular circumstances.

No Requirements to File When You Discuss Bankruptcy As an Option 

You should know that merely inquiring about bankruptcy options from an attorney or discussing bankruptcy options in no way commits you to filing. In fact, learning more about bankruptcy and available options (and your eligibility) through an inquiry with an attorney who handles bankruptcy cases is the best way to know whether or not bankruptcy is actually a good option for you. By making an inquiry, you can discuss your (or your business’s) financial circumstances with a bankruptcy lawyer, learn more about debt-relief options, and ultimately have time to consider whether you want to move forward with a bankruptcy filing.

Bankruptcy Can Be More Useful Than You Think 

For many debtors, inquiring about bankruptcy teaches them that bankruptcy is more useful than they thought, and far less damaging to future finances than they expected.

Get Help Determining the Best Bankruptcy Option for You and Filing Your Case 

By inquiring about bankruptcy with an attorney, you can determine what the best bankruptcy options would be in your case, and you can gain a clear understanding of your eligibility for different types of bankruptcy filings. This kind of information is critical in deciding if you want to move forward with a bankruptcy filing for yourself or your business, and once you do decide to file, your bankruptcy lawyer can represent you from start to finish. Your attorney can explain any steps you need to take before you actually file (such as pre-bankruptcy credit counseling), and any issues concerning recent purchases that might affect the timing of your bankruptcy filing (such as recent credit card charges that you do not want to count as “luxury” purchases that are not dischargeable).

Contact a West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Attorney Today 

Whenever you or your business are starting to think about bankruptcy as a possible option, it is critical to seek advice from one of the experienced West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyers at Kelley Kaplan & Eller, PLLC . Filing for bankruptcy is not a decision an individual or business should make lightly, and it is a decision you should always make with assistance from an attorney. A lawyer at our firm can help you to determine whether bankruptcy is the best option for you and, if so, can assist you throughout your bankruptcy case. Contact us today for more information.



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