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Finding a Business Bankruptcy Lawyer in South Florida


When do you need to start seeking out a business bankruptcy lawyer in South Florida? And how can you find the right business bankruptcy attorney for your company’s needs? These are critical questions when you have a business that is struggling with debt, and it is important to know how you can move forward in the most advantageous manner for your company. Our experienced West Palm Beach business bankruptcy attorneys have some important considerations for you to reflect on as you are thinking about the possibility of a bankruptcy filing.

Understand Your Business’s Bankruptcy Options Broadly 

It is important to have a general sense of business bankruptcy options, and to consider in advance what types of bankruptcy you might want to file for your business. Of course, this is ultimately a decision that you should make with help from an experienced attorney, but it can be beneficial to you to learn about general business bankruptcy options ahead of a consultation or other initial meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer.

In general, businesses in South Florida may be eligible for a liquidation bankruptcy (Chapter 7) or reorganization bankruptcy (usually under Chapter 11 or Subchapter V) under the US Bankruptcy Code. Depending on the details of your business, your business might have other options, as well.

Look for a Bankruptcy Lawyer Who Has Experience Handling Business Bankruptcy Cases 

It will be critical to work with a lawyer who has experience handling bankruptcy cases on a regular basis and, more specifically, business bankruptcy cases. While consumer (or personal) and business bankruptcy cases certainly have similarities, you will want to find an attorney who has definitive experience representing businesses in liquidation and reorganization bankruptcies. Many business bankruptcy lawyers also have experience handling consumer bankruptcy cases.

Detail the Likely Process and Timeline 

After learning about the financial particularities of your business, an experienced business bankruptcy attorney should be able to provide you with general information about what to expect concerning the bankruptcy process and timeline. Be sure to learn as much as you can in advance about what to expect.

Ask Questions

 Make a plan in advance to ask any questions you have when you meet with a business bankruptcy lawyer. Plan to find out about costs and fees, and know how the financial details of your bankruptcy case will work when it comes to paying your lawyer. Ask about details concerning the timeline. Inquire about documentation and steps in the bankruptcy case. Anything that is important to you is a question that you should feel comfortable asking, and that an experienced attorney can address.

Contact a West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Lawyer Today 

When your business is struggling with debt and you need help determining your options for the future, it is critical to seek advice from one of the experienced West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyers at Kelley, Fulton, Kaplan & Eller. Our firm has years of experience handling business bankruptcy cases in South Florida, and we can speak with you today about options for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Subchapter V, or another form of business bankruptcy. Contact us to get started on your case with an experienced attorney.



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